Call for participation

This year everything is a bit different: Instead of an on-site congress we come together in a distributed event. The OIO and about:freedom work together to deliver content decentralized from Berlin, Monheim, Munich from 27.12. to 30.12.2020 virtually to the web. You are welcome to submit talks, workshops or completely new forms of participation until 2020-Nov-23 23:42.

What we are about

For our stage we are looking for talks and workshops about digital (human) rights, open and free software/hardware/knowledge/infrastructure and sustainability. We are looking forward to your contributions to the topics of humanitarian aid, collaboration and Open Educational Resources. For the coming year, let us ask the question of the "normal" and the alternative. What is this so-called "normal", and what has been accepted as "normal" by society recently? With your contributions, we also want to put a spotlight on the topics of climate change and surveillance in times of a pandemic. Let's talk about the spread of monopolistic software companies and the recent show trials against freedom of the press. Take us with you into a world of transformation, report on your reflections about successful projects or lessons learned and share your experiences of alternative communication and organizational structures.


Depending on your situation and equipment, different forms of participation are possible. For Berlin, Monheim and Munich, stages and cameras are planned on site, so that talks and workshops can be recorded and streamed live on-site in compliance with the rules of hygiene. The event takes place as part of #rc3.

Due to the current situation, we want you to only come to our stages when you're living in the immediate vicinity. If you are not able to participate on site, you are welcome to record your talks in advance to avoid live mishaps. After the presentations, we will provide a virtual room for Q&As and longer discussions.


You can submit your talk/workshop/topic in our pretalx If you have any questions regarding the technical implementation, please contact our content team. If participants need to prepare certain things for your workshop, please mention this in detail in the description.

We are looking forward to your submissions.

This Call for Papers closed on 2020-11-30 23:42 (Europe/Berlin).