Tox CryptoParty - Install a Tox Client and have some fun with it
2020-12-30, 15:00–16:00, OIO/A:F Workshop
Language: English

Install a Tox Client on your device and test it.

Bring your laptops and smartphones and learn how to install a Tox Client on your device.
We will show you how to improve your privacy with Tox, or make the best use of Tox in your scenario.
If you have questions about Tox or a particular Tox client, you can ask them here.

About Tox:

Tox is a P2P end-to-end encrypted distributed overlay network on UDP/TCP/IP.

It is used to build distributed applications such as instant messengers, VPNs, and audio/video streaming services.

Tox Chat aims to be a fully functional Skype replacement for 1:1 audio/video chats, large scale group chats,
and small scale audio/video group conferences.
The Tox core library has a small footprint, running on embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi, phones, as well as on large servers to provide secure services.
Tox is built on NaCl, the crypto library by djb, and can use the Noise crypto handshake framework.