Ella Jakubowska

Ella is a proud Policy and Campaigns Officer at European Digital Rights (EDRi), the biggest European network defending rights and freedoms online. She leads advocacy on facial recognition and biometrics to ensure that European institutions and governments respect people's dignity and protect democratic participation from the chilling effects of biometric mass surveillance. Ella is also one of the coordinators of the European "Reclaim Your Face" movement, and is a keen sociologist of Science & Technology.

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The #ReclaimYourFace campaign: EU, BAN biometric mass surveillance!
Andreea Belu (EDRi), Eleftherios Chelioudakis, Ella Jakubowska, Filip Milosevic, Riccardo Coluccini

The EU is making new laws on AI. People are mobilising against biometric surveillance in public spaces. Hear about what's going on in different European countries, what tools activists are using to attack face recognition and similar mass surveillance technologies and - most importantly - what you can do to join the civil society #ReclaimYourFace movement.

OIO/A:F Stage